Who We Are

Our Purpose

This church exists by the grace of God, for the glory of God, which shall be the ultimate purpose in all its activities.

This church glorifies God by loving Him and obeying His commandments through:

  • Worshipping Him through Jesus Christ as defined or indicated by Scripture;
  • Equipping the saints through Bible instruction and study;
  • Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, personal evangelism, and any other means consistent with the teachings of Holy Scripture;
  • Encouraging, supporting, and participating in missions work (local, domestic, and international);
  • Administering the ordinances of baptism and communion;
  • Encouraging Biblical, accountable fellowship among believers; and
  • Serving other individuals, families, and churches by providing for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus Christ. 

What We Believe

The Baptist Faith and Message

We believe that confessions and creeds are authoritative only insofar as they accurately correspond to the truths represented in Scripture. As an autonomous Southern Baptist church, we subscribe to The Baptist Faith & Message (2000).

HBC Constitution and By-Laws